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Attempting to push the boundaries of what a mobile device can do is certainly a goal that every developer should strive for while designing or planning an application for an iOS device. Frasier Speirs, in a recent post, highlights some specific “things” that can be done to create an “ambitious” app. Two of my personal favorites are…

1. “You enable an entire task or workflow to be done on iOS alone.”

2. “You make something possible that was never easily done on a Mac.”

Certainly every application can not enable an entire workflow or make something possible that was not easy on a desktop computer. Having the best design and greatest graphics isn’t necessary either.

Fraser Speirs – Blog – Ambitious iOS Apps

“It’s important to note that merely being a well-executed (or the best-executed) example of the type doesn’t feel like quite enough. For example, the loveliest book app in the world doesn’t really cut it for me. That’s not to say those apps aren’t carefully and wonderfully designed, or that they’re not technically challenging to execute well. It’s just that I’m looking for those apps that re-shape the way people perceive the power and strength of iOS.

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