[Education] Have an old iPhone or iPod Touch? Donate them!

Educational application developer Steve Glinberg is a friend of edu.Mac.nation and the creator of KidCalc123 Color Talking Coloring Book, and 123 World Geography Coloring Book. He also has created “HD” versions of 123 Color and 123 World Geography for the iPad.

Steve recently launched a wonderful donation program for iPhones and iPod Touches. Below is information about the recycling program…

“Put your old iPhone or iPod touch to the best possible use – donate it to a public or private school or to my recycling program so it can be put to effective use as a learning tool for kids.  Steve Glinberg, developer of the popular iPhone and iPad apps KidCalc Math Fun, 123 Color Talking Coloring Book, and 123 World Geography Coloring Book, today announces a recycling program for iPhones and iPod touches that aims to bring high technology mobile devices into classrooms.

With the recent release of the iPad and impending release of a new generation of iPhone, iPhones and iPod touches of previous generations are going unused in homes everywhere.  Children around the world are successfully using high technology mobile devices for learning in classrooms.  Teachers are incorporating iPhones, iPod touches, and now iPads into their curriculum at an increasing rate.  However, schools are constrained by ever tightening budgets.  Many of these powerful devices with the capacity to interest, engage and teach children are ending up in drawers, or on shelves, where they sit, hardly being used, after the owner upgrades a newer version.

I have heard from teachers and parents for nearly a year just how valuable a role iPhones and iPod touches are serving in classrooms.

We need to get used iPhones and iPod touches into classrooms, where price is the barrier precluding their introduction into the curriculum.  That is what I aim to accomplish with this new recycling program.

Owners of iPhone and iPod touches that are hardly used or that you are for other reasons willing to part with, please contact me at the email address below.  People interested in making a financial donation or in donating a new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, please ship the device to:

iPhone/iPod touch Recycling Program

c/o Steve Glinberg

4230 East Towne Blvd, Suite #231

Madison, WI 53704

Upon receiving used iPhones and iPod touches, I restore them to factory state, install dozens of apps currently in the App Store’s education category, and send them on to teachers who have registered to receive one.”

(Via KidCalc Learning)

Interested teachers can leave a comment at Steve’s website or email recycle@123colorapp.com to register to become a recipient of an iPhone or iPod touch. When you register make sure to include information about where you teach, the age range of your students, information about their exposure and use of computing and mobile computing devices, as well as a description of your need for an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Thank you Steve for launching such a wonderful recycling program!

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