[Education] iPod Touch in the Classroom- Do’s and Don’ts: “Learning in Hand Blog” by Tony Vincent

Tony Vincent, from Learning in Hand, has compiled an excellent list of suggestions for using the iPod Touch with students…

Learning in Hand Blog by Tony Vincent:

“Bringing iPods into the classroom is a great way to give students access to learning tools. However, there are so many things to keep in mind to make the iPods work smoothly in the classroom. While my list of dos and don’ts is for iPod touch, much of the same advice can be given for using iPod classic and nano in classrooms. The list is for large or small class sets of iPods; if students are using their own personal iPods you’ll have a different set of considerations and technical issues to deal with.”

(Via Learning In Hand)

Below is the bulleted list of Tony’s “Dos” and “Don’ts”. Comments of mine will have an * and will be in parentheses. To read detailed descriptions for each of these check out Tony’s post at Learning in Hand

(*edu.Mac.nation comments)


– Do sync all iPods to one computer.

– Do name iPods.

– Do set iPods for automatic sync of all content.

– Do make playlists. (*makes for better organization)

– Do delete content. (*no need to fill them up all the way and risk losing something you need later)

– Do configure the Music app for easy access to playlists and podcasts.

– Do label or engrave iPods.

– Do set up an itunes account for the classroom computer.

– Do know you can authorize more than one account on a computer.

– Do use a flash drive to transfer apps between computers.

– Do get a charging cart, case, or tray if you have the money. (*one place for them all)

– Do have procedures for passing out, turning in, and syncing.

– Do secure iPods when not in use.

– Do have earbuds for each student.

– Do create a web clip icon for your class or school website.

– Do use a URL shortener. (*I prefer bit.ly)

– Do have consequences for misuse.

– Do create a usage contract. (Check out Tony’s example contracts)

– Do set up email.


– Don’t give students the iTunes account password. (*Never never never!)

– Don’t sync iPods with any other computer than the original.

– Don’t feel you need to sync iPods everyday.

– Don’t spend too much on iPods. (*Those pricey 32 gig. models are nice but are not needed)

– Don’t buy expensive accessories.

– Don’t mistreat batteries. (*Don’t overcharge them)

– Don’t stick with just free apps. (*Sometimes you “get what you paid for”)

– Don’t use liquids to clean the screen.

– Don’t put up with a glitchy iPod.

– Don’t forget professional development. (*Often the last priority)


Tony did a fantastic job with the list and the details that he provides on his site.

What would you add to the “dos” and “don’t” list?

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  1. I love this one “Don’t give students the iTunes account password. (*Never never never!)”.

    At my school, it would be worth adding “Do count them up at the end of class (to make sure the students don’t steal them!)”

    Reply   More from author
  1. Back to Bowra for the iPod Touch. | ICT Assist in the Classroom

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